To get real and meaningful impact, you need a solid view, because creating that impact is not easy. There is a difference between proposing general policies and act on the ground. Words come easily, actions not always.
Our Family Office department aims to preserve and increase your family heritage Our role is to provide a portfolio management service faithful to the values ​​of SWM LIMITED: independence, integrity, absolute transparency and objectivity.
With the arrival of new currencies, our system of approach and investment research is evolving, and we are also looking for investment or savings opportunities in this field that are evolving exponentially. also gold and precious materials represent at the moment very interesting opportunities


Our FAMILY OFFICE structure established in united kingdom, is a fully independent Family Office, aimed at individuals or families with an important heritage and looking for a team of trust for  oversee their overall personal or family financial situation. We aim to preserve and increase the wealth of wealthy families and to pass from one generation to the next, all according to each person's particularities.