In order to capture the brightest of financial constellations, SWM LIMITED has defined its own investment philosophy for its clients. Investing for the long term, preserving capital, optimizing yield are the foundations of our philosophy.
Thanks to a local team of specialized professionals.


Macroeconomic perspectives and aspects, rates, stocks and currencies for the main geographic areas are analyzed and integrated into the management strategy.  Our investment universe covers Europe, the United States, Japan and emerging countries. Long-term and geographic mobility are the two elements of our strategy.

Real Estate

SWM LIMITED is a privileged partner of real estate professionals: property dealers, regional developers or private rental investors (real estate). SWM LIMITED holds - jointly with other investors - the capital of real estate companies specializing in carrying out significant commercial real estate operations.

«IMPORT / EXPORT is also a core activity for us»

For individuals, and small business, SWM offers a range of services to assist your trade activities with Europe. These include our web-based directories and databases, as well as SWM's buyer invitation program. For companies that need to access local government or business entities, SWM offers an unmatched professional network in Europe.

Our Approch

The local knowledge of our professionals in each unique market makes from SWM LIMITED a source not only of a powerful knowledge of the market, but also a qualified market understanding. Knowing your market is the first key to providing quality real estate advisory services.
In our research, SWM combines the perspectives and experience of investment banking with traditional real estate brokerage.